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Creative Economy

Lucklig & Co

Lucklig & Co is a small business that located on Depok a city near fromJakarta. which helps women to upgrade their capabilities to be financiallyindependent. Lucklig & Co not only aims to be the One Stop WeddingSolution that provides all party and wedding needs, but also empowerswomen and youth.

Hello Motion Academy

Established in 2004 by the guru of Indonesian animation, Wahyu Aditya, Hellomotion is an animation school with many awards such from national scale such as Jakarta International Film Festival awards in Best Short Movie to the international award scale such as British Council World Champion Creative Entrepreneur 2007. Hellomotion have graduated more than 900 students …

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Melukis Harapan

Empowering communities holistically in ex-dolly prostitution area, assistance to ex-commercial sex workers, improve the education in ex-dolly prostitution area, Solve the health problems of the affected communities in the dolly, improve the local economy of People in Putat Jaya


elatioRs creates wedding and party dresses using traditional Indonesian fabrics in collaboration with local weavers and tailors. Through purchasing the products, customers automatically donate for children’s education (uniform, stationery, or textbook, etc,) and/or training of women for employment in rural or urban slum area to decrease poverty in Indonesia.


Platform that allows their users to purchase a donation as a gift


Sakacraft is a social entrepreneurial activity that inspires activities to gather village craftsmen, youth and housewives to develop crafts skills-based ecofriendly crafts in term of improving and sustaining what is already in place especially in the village. Optimize the use of ecofriendly materials into marketable crafted products, clean and simple design yet functional.

MENA Indonesia

MENA is a social enterprise that collaborates with communities to help utilize local traditions, skills, and the natural environment to help build strong and sustainable local economies. We design culturally-inspired products made by local artisans, help develop locally-managed cultural tourism opportunities, and are working to build horizontal learning networks so that skills, ideas and experiences …

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Zakwoow Ethnic Bag

Zak-woow menjual produk tas dengan kombinasi tenun dengan memberdayakan pengerajin tenun di Jepara untuk memperkenalkan tenun ke masyarakat Indonesia dengan design yang modern

Svas Living

Svas Living adalah sebuah label home decor atau lifestyle yg mempunyai ciri khas tenun atbm yg dikemas secara modern

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