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Hello PLUS is an online consultation service for social entrepreneurs and aspiring social entrepreneurs who wants to learn more about social enterprise.
60 minutes

Let’s discuss at Hello PLUS!

Hello PLUS will provide thinking partners in a free, 60 minutes consultation service for:

  • Social entrepreneurs who want to step up their social enterprise. We believe that Social Entrepreneurs in Indonesia do not need to struggle alone, so we want to support you on your brainstorming journey!
  • Aspiring social entrepreneurs, those who has their impactful mission in mind and want to put it into action.

How To Join Hello PLUS

1. Start with your story!

Share your business and your mission through our online form.

2. Get our message

After your registration, we will contact you through email for scheduling your Hello PLUS session.

3. See you at Hello PLUS!

After schedule confirmation, we will meet you at Hello PLUS session.

If there is anything you want to ask directly, please contact us at:

What Hello PLUS has achieved


Hello PLUS






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FAQ About Hello PLUS

Free consultation

PLUS will become your thinking partner in a free consultation session to determine the next steps and develop your business model.

Access relevant information

You will get the same opportunity to access informations related to development of your social business, including information about various existing incubator programs.

Potential collaboration

Through Hello PLUS, we hope that we can discover potential social business actors and other social business actors to connect, as well as with any other supporting organizations.

Information that can help us to understand your organization/your social business, which are :

  • Bussiness profile
  • Location
  • Social media/ Website
  • Contact Person
  • Your social enterprise needs (purpose of joining Hello PLUS)

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