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About PLUS

At PLUS - Platform Usaha Sosial - we believe that we can create more impact together. PLUS is a collaborative space for the social impact ecosystem in Indonesia to connect, learn, collaborate and create more meaningful impact to community and environment around us.

PLUS is a collaborative space for the social impact ecosystem in Indonesia. Our mission is to provide a platform and pathway for increasing the potential of Indonesian society in creating economic independence through entrepreneurship.

We are achieving it through:

  • Training and mentoring : Increasing scale up opportunities for social entrepreneurs, especially small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through professional training and intensive mentoring.
  • Social Enterprise Communities: Actively encouraging and building creative, innovative and collaborative social enterprise communities that aim to improve the quality of entrepreneurship and social impact.
  • Resource Hub: Becoming a center of learning by providing learning materials for early-stage entrepreneurs and those who aspire in social enterprise to increase knowledge in sustainable business and social impact.

Our Story

Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS) is an idea that came out of the social entrepreneurship community and is for the social entrepreneurship community. In 2014, BCG conducted an assessment of the social enterprise ecosystem in Indonesia. This created an opportunity to bring together some of the lead actors and identify the common challenges facing the ecosystem and possible solutions.

BCG, together with ANGIN, took a lead role in ensuring that the momentum continued after the report was launched in May 2015. They spearheaded the effort to develop the idea for PLUS and pulled in key supporters from Indika Energy, Vasham and YCAB.

And so PLUS began.

ANGIN, BCG, Indika Energy, Vasham and YCAB continue to provide support and guidance for PLUS. In turn, PLUS is able to support and connect social entrepreneurs across Indonesia.

We are ourselves continuing to learn, and expand our horizons. We look forward to collaborating with you soon!

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