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Social Enterprise 101

The idea and concept of a social enterprise have probably been developed in the late 1960 and still evolving throughout time. However, the definition of the social enterprise itself is broad and much debated. At PLUS we usually look at these components to assess whether a business is a social enterprise or not.

Business Planning

What drives you to start a business? We believe it begins from ideas or dreams.


How complex a production system might make you feel overwhelmed, but a giant robots started from a tiny bolt and perseverance.


As a social enterprise, profit is another leg that keeps us walking. That's why financial planning is important.


Like how boxing goes, competitor is a friend that helps your business shine in the ring. Let's see how they could help our business thrives and grows!


Menciptakan bisnis dengan dampak sosial membutuhkan kolaborasi dengan orang-orang yang memiliki visi yang sama.

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