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In collaboration with the British Council and Social Enterprise Academy International, PLUS launched this program with the aim of developing the leadership capabilities of social entrepreneurs in 5 cities spreading across 4 islands in Indonesia.


20 local initiators (#impactinitiators) from 5 cities spreading across 4 islands in Indonesia were selected to join the first cohort of this program.

Medan, Sumatera Utara

Meet the #impactinitiator from Medan, Sumatera Utara


Ahmad Hakiki

Sekolah Sungai Go-River

As a historic river, Deli’s condition now is so concerning since there is a lot of garbage. Kiki was moved to establish Go River, a community that initiates preservation programmes and gives education about river ecosystem by planting trees, fostering fishes, etc. All that is done to save Deli River.


Elim Sigalingging


Elim created Kalantara as a tourism service to introduce different side of history and culture in Kabupaten Dairi, North Sumatra. Elim thinks that culture and history is a very valuable asset and will go extinct if it is not preserved by the current generation.


Tisa Lim

Sirkam (Sirkulasi Kreasi Perempuan)

Tisa made SIRKAM as a forum for women entrepreneurs in the creative industry to meet, interact, and collaborate. Tisa believes that women can be individuals who are economically independent and become stronger when gather together, especially through SIRKAM.


hertauli Harianja


Uli established as a place for women to learn about salon management and teach a short course on how to style hair. Uli’s mission is to give women in Medan new skills. Uli inspires women to keep growing and go against the stigma in society.

Be part of social enterprise community in Medan


Follow NOSSE (North Sumatera Social Enterprise) on Instagram to meet, discuss and collaborate with fellow social entrepreneurship enthusiast.

Padang, Sumatera Barat

Meet the #impactinitiator from Padang, Sumatera Barat


Atikah Risyad

Family Farm Lintau (Fam Lintau)

Atikah established Family Farm Lintau, a social enterprise in agro-tourism field to develop the tourism and agriculture sector in Lintau. Sessions and programs like weaving, gardening, outbound activity, and rice field tour is prepared for tourists who come to enjoy the potential and beautiful landscape of Lintau.


Mulyadi Syafar


Adi notices college students in Padang need additional sources of income. Adi then created Alldesain as a bridge for those who have design and IT skill and agencies or business owners to work together in design, IT projects, logo design, etc.


Tisna Syafnita

Tisya Bimbel

Tisna established Tisya Bimbel since 2019 because of her concern over the low level of children’s education in Kumbayau Village, Sawahlunto. Programs offered by Tisya Bimbel are English lesson and other lessons with affordable price.


Ulil Fikri Elhaq

Kelompok Usaha Nurani Mandiri

Ulil founded Nurani Mandiri as an effort to solve economic problems in coastal area of Pasie Nan Tigo Village. Ulil notices people there have difficulty in managing marine products and the lack of ability to find alternative livelihoods. Nurani Mandiri tries to encourage housewives to help their family economy and solve economic problems there.

Be part of social enterprise community in Padang


Follow SEC Sumbar (Social Enterprise Community Sumbar) on Instagram @sec.sumbar to meet, discuss and collaborate with fellow social entrepreneurship enthusiast.

Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat

Meet the #impactinitiator from Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat


Deman Huri


Deman founded INTAN as a conservation effort for a particular plant called Tengkawang. Deman makes vegetable butter from tengkawang and is processed into cooking ingredients, cosmetics, and medicinal products. INTAN continues to develop other products from tengkawang.



Pipet Kite

As a resident in Pontianak, Feli worry over the people’s unawareness of the impact of single use plastic. Hence Pipet Kite, a social enterprise that Feli established, presents to solve the single plastic usage by selling bamboo straw. Besides that, Pipet Kite empowers women so they have more skill in making straw.


Maya Safitri

Desa Lemukutan

The high number of unemployment in Lemukutan Island pushes Maya to step in. She tries to reduce it by managing the area’s potential which is seaweed and ecotourism. The social enterprise that Maya initiated does not only have a financial impact, but also serves an effective way to deal with existing social problems.


Ryan Oktafiandi

Berkah Barang

The gap in the availability of school equipment between students in rural and urban areas encourages Ryan to establish, a social enterprise that acts as a crowdfunding platform for school equipment for students in West Kalimantan. Ryan’s fervor is strength for local students to get good supporting equipments and experience quality education.

Be part of social enterprise community in Pontianak

Follow Kapuas (Komunitas Pengusaha Sosial) on Instagram @PengusahaSosialPontianak to meet, discuss and collaborate with fellow social entrepreneurship enthusiast.

Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan

Meet the #impactinitiator from Makassar, Sumatera Selatan


Andrew Kresna

Toko Sebelah

Andrew created TOKOSEBELAH as a business unit of an independent library that he has run for 5 years, Katakerja. TOKOSEBELAH focuses in selling t-shirts, tote bags, notebooks, and tumblrs. TOKOSEBELAH is also a platform for writers, artists, or craftsmen to sell their products.


Jamaluddin Daeng Abu

Rumah Koran

As a farmer himself, Jamal established Rumah Koran as a social enterprise to operate farmers community which products are organic farming materials, farming experience, homestay, and recycled flower crafts.


M. Taufan Gunawan

Lentera Negeri

The condition of orphans and child laborers who cannot attend school inspires Taufan to establish Lentera Negeri, a community for young people to teach orphans and poor children in Makassar and provide assistance to housewives. To support that aim Taufan also founded business group focusing in culinary, handicrafts, and various services.


Rusmanhadi Takbir


Failure doesn't mean stopping. This is the principle that Hadi held when he created BINE, a social enterprise that give consultation and motivation for youth in Makassar. To support their programs, BINE produces keychains, tote bags, and pins. BINE is here to inspire youth and encourage leadership.

Be part of social enterprise community in Makassar

Contact Hadi at +62 8958 0271 4227 to meet, discuss and collaborate with fellow social entrepreneurship enthusiast.

Jayapura, Papua

Meet the #impactinitiator from Jayapura, Papua


Dodik Kurniawan

Youth Forum Clothing

With a passion for spreading information about reproductive health in Jayapura, Dodik established Youth Forum Clothing, a social enterprise that sells merchandise such as t-shirts, keychains, and tumblrs to fund their reproductive health education program. The aim of Youth Forum Clothing is to give education to prevent reproductive health problems among adolescents in Jayapura.


Elisabet Apyaka

Parapara Buku

Elis established Parapara Books because of her worries towards her community’s low interest in reading and the difficulty to get quality books. Parapara Books give Jayapurans chance to get books at affordable prices. They also have library for local community to gain new knowledge through quality books.


Indah Fitriyani


Noticing the waste problem happened in her village, Indah initiated a movement to give local community in Genyem education for managing waste. This is the reason behind the birth of Rumah Belajar Genyemologi. They do waste management and also recycle the waste to make handicrafts. Indah’s passion to make a chance is like an oasis for people in Genyem.


Seriany Tonglo

Khenambay Eco Recycling

The government regulation that ban the use of single plastic inspires Serin to launch Khenambay Eco Recycling and make recycled plastic shopping bags out of plastic waste. The social enterprise that Serin built also tries to empower local community who are unemployed and drop out of school. In addition to recycling plastic waste, Khenambay Eco Recycling plan to make recycled products from fabric waste to make patchwork in the form of blankets, tablecloths, pillowcases, and so on.

Be part of social enterprise community in Jayapura

Contact Dodik at +62 8223 8790 634 to meet, discuss and collaborate with fellow social entrepreneurship enthusiast.

The Inclusive Islands program is also the first step in PLUS's long term plan to form an offline community where the local initiators will become PLUS's partners in developing the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in their area.

More About the Program

Program activities:

  • Leadership bootcamp
    Selected local initiators will attend an intensive 5-day training in Jakarta hosted by the Social Enterprise Academy UK. Participants will not only learn about leadership,the local initiators will also get a chance to hone their entrepreneurship skills through social entrepreneurship classes during the bootcamp.
  • Business development support
    In addition to the bootcamp, local initiators will receive regular online consultation and assistance from PLUS team and relevant parties who can help develop their social enterprises.
  • Community building support
    The local initiators will also be provided with the knowledge and opportunities to apply skills in developing and mobilizing communities in their cities. At the end of the program there will be the launch of the Impact Initiator community in the 5 cities.

About the Social Enterprise Academy

Social Enterprise Academy, a social enterprise headquartered in Scotland, UK is here to share transformational learning & development that focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, impact and personal development for organisations supporting social enterprises throughout the world. Social Enterprise Academy has 14 years of experience in providing business, financial and business networking training. Using learning techniques tailored to individual abilities and needs, Social Enterprise Academy offers a more comprehensive learning experience than training in general.

About PLUS

PLUS exists to support and develop a social entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through consultation, research and social innovation programs. Uniting experience from the unique remote islands contexts of Indonesia and Scotland, this partnership between PLUS and the Social Enterprise Academy aims to create a transformational change in scale and resilience of Indonesia’s support ecosystem for inclusive and creative enterprises in remote communities.

About the British Council and the DICE Program

This program is an initiative of the British Council, through the DICE (Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies) Collaboration Grant that supports the development of creative and social enterprises in the UK and five major developing countries, one of which is Indonesia.

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