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Research Projects

On top of our skills and knowledge about insights and research, PLUS is excited to create more impact to our society by conducting more research study around Social Innovation and Social Impact. And with our wide breadth of contacts and network, our service as an appointed research team will help to reach more relevant community.

Our Projects

Post-Program Report of PRO WOMEN for Women Social Entrepreneurs in Lombok

PRO WOMEN is an incubation for women social entrepreneurs in the Lombok area and its surroundings. After this activity ended in 2019, PLUS wanted to see their conditions and transformations. Let's read the report of their development in UMKM Perempuan Bertumbuh dan Berkembang: Laporan Studi Pasca 4 Tahun Selesainya Program Pro Women (Growth and Development of Women SMEs Women: 4 Years After Pro Women)
The English version will be released soon.

Understanding the State and Profile of Social Enterprises in Indonesia

The main purpose of this research is to learn and capture the needs and challenges of social enterprises and to further identify the potential opportunity areas to support social entreprises (SEs). The research for this study was conducted from March to July 2022. The study draws from PLUS’s existing database of around 1,000 organisations using method after survey and interview.

Mapping the Social Enterprise Landscape in Indonesia

As part of its global social enterprise programme, the British Council and UNESCAP are developing a series of baseline surveys of social enterprises in various countries including India, Pakistan, Kenya, the Philippines and etc. In Indonesia, PLUS is the implementing partner in doing the survey of social enterprises.

The aim of this study is to provide a summary of the current size and scale of the social enterprise sector in Indonesia in order to be able to track how the sector develops in the coming years.

Growing the Capacity and Community of Salt Farmers in Amed, Bali

In 2018, PLUS was engaged by William and Lily Foundation to perform an assessment on the needs and capacity of a salt farming community in Amed, Bali. The key question we are trying to find out is whether salt farming can be a sustainable option to improve the livelihood and to preserve the culture of local tradition of Amed’s Salt Farmers.

Photo courtesy of Ada Van Heest

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