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We are a bunch of changemakers that have a strong belief that good things come to those who believe and work towards it. We are in this line of work because we love our community and believe that together we can make a positive difference.


Finance Intern

PLUS is looking for a finance and accounting graduate / final year student who will be responsible for assisting the Finance Manager in financial reporting at PLUS. The successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the Finance Manager in analysing financial data, preparing financial statements, and providing recommendations for improving financial performance. She/ He will have the opportunity to learn how to balance positive impact with financial sustainability while working with social enterprise and impact-driven organisations.

Main Responsibilities

  • Assist in financial / accounting activities and reports and in communicating financial information to the team and external parties (when required);
  • Together with the finance manager, develop, review, track, and manage project milestones, project plans, deliverables, timelines, and scope;
  • Assist the Finance manager in liaising with tax consultants and auditors to ensure appropriate monitoring of the company’s finances is maintained;
  • Together with the finance manager, manage transactions and other administrative tasks.
  • Observe and participate in training for financial literacy topics when necessary.

  • Basic Qualifications

  • A fresh graduate or final-year student in the finance and accounting field
  • Is enthusiastic about learning new things and tools to optimise her/ his work
  • Ability to adapt to changes in priority and quickly resolve necessary adjustments in process and plans
  • A high degree of organisation and ability to lead multiple, meaningful projects and priorities at a time
  • Ability to think strategically and execute methodically
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) and teamwork skills

  • Preferred Qualifications

  • Based in Yogyakarta or the Central Java region
  • Knowledge in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Experience and understanding of social entrepreneurship
  • Experience in leading or facilitating workshops and focus group discussions
  • Experience in human-centered design
  • Experience in leading teams that are building and running complex platforms that are highly reliable and scalable
  • To apply for positions, fill out the application form here:
    Deadline apply: 20 November 2023

    How we run things at PLUS

    1. Build impact
    We each come to the office every morning with the mindset that we all have significant role to make a major contribution to the Social Impact community in Indonesia. No matter how challenging or how minor the task is, we give our very best to serve and help this community to grow and create a bigger impact to our nation.

    2. People matter
    As much as we value the growth of our community, your development growth also matters to us. Do not be afraid to share your aspirations and ambitions and we will see how we can help you achieve them. We want to learn together with you during your development journey.

    3. Take ownership
    We are a small team, and expect you to take ownership about what you want to learn and what you want to contribute. We are not hiring you just to do tasks, but we want you to define your own legacy to this team. Have passion that aligns with our team need? Share it, do it, and make it happen.

    4. Create with empathy
    We want to create a safe space for people to show their creativity and take risk. We want to make sure that our team is not afraid to bring up problems and solve conflicts together. We want a team that is not only bright and smart, but also caring and genuine, so that no challenge is too tangled and no problem is too painful.

    5. Be brave and embrace your creativity
    As a very early stage organization, we value the iteration process in the way we learn, build and grow. We care more about what we learn by doing, not whether it was "right" or "wrong". Inside the box, and outside the box ideas are all welcome.

    Interested to put your skills into creating change?

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