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We are a bunch of changemakers that have a strong belief that good things come to those who believe and work towards it. We are in this line of work because we love our community and believe that together we can make a positive difference.

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Marketing & Business Partnerships Consultant (2 months, based in Amed Bali)

PLUS ( is commissioned by WLF (William & Lily Foundation) to provide capacity building assistance to the salt farmers community in Amed.

One of the main highlights of the project is providing one-on-one business coaching assistance to the management team of Amed Salt Farming Community (also called MPIG Garam Amed) to level-up their business literacy and skills, and to design tools or systems that can be used by the management team moving forward. The broader goal of this project is for MPIG Garam Amed to achieve business sustainability, which we believe will help improve the quality of life of the salt farming community in Amed.

The Consultant / Expert (organisation/individual/firm) will work in collaboration with PLUS under close supervision of WLF, to ensure that program goals are achieved in a timely manner while growing the capacity of the community of salt farmers in Amed and in addressing the challenges to the salt farming industry in Amed in a sustainable manner.

The consultant is expected to create a module to support the development of Amed salt business that grows the capacity and empowers its farmers.


Ability to coach basic marketing and partnership building skills and best practices to the Amed Salt management team (MPIG Garam Amed)


This business development support for Amed salt farmers is foreseen as a two-year support program with the following end of program outcomes:

  1. MPIG Garam Amed team runs better business practices
  2. MPIG Garam Amed has a stronger pipeline and/or forge business partnerships


  • Modules on partnership building, partnership management, negotiation  skills, best practices of reaching out to potential partners
  • Coaching and mentoring schedule
  • Partnership building activities report
  • Final report


There are around 8 salt farmers in the MPIG Garam Amed’s management team and about 15 more salt farmers for the production. The coaching will be conducted mostly to the management team which consists of males with the age above 35. Their average education level is junior high school with Bahasa Indonesia as their fluent language. They are not able to communicate in English and usually use Balinese or Bahasa Indonesia in their everyday lives.


  • Coaching fee (IDR 10-15 mio/ month according to the expertise and experience)
  • Transportation fee to Amed from  Bali
  • Accomodation in Amed for the coaching period of 2 months from February to March 2021


  • Candidate with at least 3 years experience working in relevant field / expertise
  • Ability to coach and supervise, prior experience in coaching or mentoring small business / cooperative or social enterprises is highly preferred.
  • Local residents / Bali-based will be prioritized.

How to Apply

To apply for consultant position, email your resume to 

Please send along any samples of prior work that will be relevant for the role (for example: learning module, curriculum / syllabus, report). Contact Novi (+62 823 6838 5825) if you have any questions.

Assistant Field Coordinator

PLUS is looking for assistant field coordinator to support in the implementation of one of PLUS’ capacity building programs in Amed, Bali.


  • Assisting in the implementation of the program activities, including assisting PLUS Jakarta team & the experts on the development of capacity building curriculum, moderating coaching sessions and providing mentoring to beneficiaries as necessary;
  • Assisting Field coordinator to ensure that steps are taken for the project to run on schedule, within budget and according to scope of work;
  • Observe, monitor and facilitate conversations and classes/workshops hosted by experts that are engaged as consultants;
  • Communicate and manage the needs of partners and beneficiaries and coordinating the efforts of the team 
  • Provide feedback to project manager on project strategies and activities through weekly update calls
  • Together with Project Coordinator, monitor and document project activities, expenditures and progress towards achieving the project output


  • Administering attendance list and taking notes during discussion or coaching sessions
  • Assisting field coordinator in conducting administrative tasks, including but not limited to conducting desktop research and drafting documents necessary for the coaching implementation.


  1. Candidate with at least 2 years background in community development, especially youth and community engagement
  2. Able to stay full-time in Amed, Bali within the contract period of 12 months
  3. Strong interest in social entrepreneurships / businesses that create social or environmental impact


Email your resume to with title “Assistant Field Coordinator”

Deadline to apply: 11 January 2021

How we run things at PLUS

1. Build impact
We each come to the office every morning with the mindset that we all have significant role to make a major contribution to the Social Impact community in Indonesia. No matter how challenging or how minor the task is, we give our very best to serve and help this community to grow and create a bigger impact to our nation.

2. People matter
As much as we value the growth of our community, your development growth also matters to us. Do not be afraid to share your aspirations and ambitions and we will see how we can help you achieve them. We want to learn together with you during your development journey.

3. Take ownership
We are a small team, and expect you to take ownership about what you want to learn and what you want to contribute. We are not hiring you just to do tasks, but we want you to define your own legacy to this team. Have passion that aligns with our team need? Share it, do it, and make it happen.

4. Create with empathy
We want to create a safe space for people to show their creativity and take risk. We want to make sure that our team is not afraid to bring up problems and solve conflicts together. We want a team that is not only bright and smart, but also caring and genuine, so that no challenge is too tangled and no problem is too painful.

5. Be brave and embrace your creativity
As a very early stage organization, we value the iteration process in the way we learn, build and grow. We care more about what we learn by doing, not whether it was "right" or "wrong". Inside the box, and outside the box ideas are all welcome.

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