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Lesssalt Healthy Foods

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Lessalt Healthy Food has been hellping people to lose weight since 2014, with the main idea of using ni/low salt in the ingredients. Currently available in Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Lessalt offers a wide selection of diet packages (including snacks) such as detox, no-salt, high protein, or low-salt packages to name a few. Each package is […]

Anak Bangsa Cerdas Toys

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ABC Toys didirikan dengan visi untuk memberdayakan kaum difabel dan anak-anakberkebutuhan khusus (ABK). Pendiri merasa prihatin dengan masa depan alumni SLB yang kesulitan dalam mendapatkan pekerjaan dan menghadapi perbedaan perlakuan dengan anak-anak normal.


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Eatever comes in the form of marketplace offering curated home cooked meals made by homechefs in Jakarta area. Launched in late 2016, Eatever aims to encourage home cooking businesses for mothers/housewives who want to earn extra incomes without leaving their homes. Customers can choose from the curated menu, cuztomise it to their own catering needs, […]

iSeller Commerce

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iSeller is a comprehensive yet affordable commerce platform that empowers people to run and manage their business with confidence, grow and scale their business in magnitude of order. iSeller was founded and built by Intersoft Solutions, a leading visionary tech company that invented innovative web and mobile technologies used by NASDAQ, Medco, Boeing, Airbus, Accenture, […]


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Kooyla is a community empowerment social enterprise that helps communities and NGOs generate sustainable incomes by creating fashion products that give back to communities (buy one give one model). They make products that tell a story of theirs through design and campaign.

SuperFood Indonesia

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We import and supply many kinds of Dried Natural Healthy Foods products. Our goal is helping Indonesia people lead healthier lives by offering the finest healthy and natural food online, delivered right to your doorstep.


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Platform that allows their users to purchase a donation as a gift


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Sunkrisps adalah produsen snack berbasis sayuran dan bahan natural lainnya

SURI The Goods

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Suri The Goods is a natural and personal care company & eco friendly lifestyle goods brand


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Shop141 merupakan tempat dimana konsumen bisa membeli barang yang dibutuhkan dan/atau diinginkan, sekaligus membantu para keluarga prasejahtera mendapatkan program pemberdayaan yang mampu mengangkat mereka dari lingkaran kemiskinan dan menolong anak yang berusia di bawah dua tahun dan di bawah lima tahun yang kekurangan gizi untuk mendapatkan program rehabilitasi gizi agar mereka mampu bertumbuh kembang optimal.

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