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Seafood Innovation Project (SIP) Community Accelerator is Open for Application!

November 19, 2018

The Seafood Innovation Project is building an innovation ecosystem to improve the sustainability of Indonesia’s aquaculture and fisheries sectors. Through collaboration with a range of stakeholders, the Seafood Innovation Project will source, support and scale innovative solutions to market.

We’re seeking innovators who are responding to the following three challenge areas:

  1. Innovative Financing. By developing innovative financial products, fishers and farmers will have increased capital and financial security to make their businesses more sustainable. This could look like:
    • Equity/capital crowdfunding schemes specifically dedicated to fishery businesses
    • Tools to assist fishery data capture and bookkeeping to meet banks or investors’ needs
    • New approaches that provide stability and safety against production risks for fishery
  2. Novel Technology. Creating novel technologies that will enable fishers and farmers to apply more sustainable aquaculture and wild catch fisheries practices. This could look like:
    • Alternative fish feed for aquaculture that minimises the use of wild catch stock
    • Sustainable fishing gear to minimise direct or indirect environmental damage
    • Affordable waste management technology that prevents contamination in aquaculture
      and the environment
  3. Market and Demand Creation. By creating demand for sustainable Indonesian seafood, fishers and farmers will be incentivised to shift to more sustainable production methods. This could look like:
    • A consumer-centric guide to sustainable seafood products that influences buying decision
    • Digital platforms tailored to promote restaurants and retailers that source sustainable
      seafood products
    • Traceability technology that informs consumers about the provenance of seafood
      to increase purchases of sustainable seafood

If selected, you will:

  • Join the growing SIP Network and innovation ecosystem, building connections and relationships with key stakeholders from corporates, government, the NGO community, investment and academia.
  • Attend in-person Summits where you will collaborate with a curated group of advisors, investors and stakeholders on how to improve your product, and scale your business and its impact.
  • Join a group of fellow innovators working towards a shared goal of a more sustainable seafood sector in Indonesia, and collaborate to overcome common challenges
  • Gain access to knowledge, potential funding, and pathways to new markets in Indonesia and abroad.

Key dates:

  • Applications open: 19 November 2018
  • Applications close: 14 January 2019
  • Review of applications and online interviews: 15 January - 14 February 2018
  • SIP Community Accelerator begins: 18 January 2019

Submit your application via and contact

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