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4 Delicious Collaboration on Social Entrepreneurship

Competition in the business world is a common thing. Hustling and accelerating ourselves to be the one is a must. Being successful is something that every entrepreneur fights for.

But, competition is not the only way to achieve another mile in our business journey. Let's adjust our glasses a little bit. By changing our perspective from competition to collaboration, rivalry to cooperation, we can build a ladder for each other to achieve our goals.

Right now, there are a lot of social entrepreneurs who collaborate their ways to success. Here are some of them!

Absahizi Rwanda & Kate Spade



Absahizi Rwanda is a well-known bag manufacturer with a social mission to provide high-quality products for the global fashion industry by empowering their mostly-woman employees to improve their lives and their community. Most of Absahizi's employees become leaders of their community who empower and lift the local economy. In 2014, Absahizi sewed up a partnership with Kate Spade, a self-titled fashion label focused on bags and jewelry. After solidifying their relationship, Absahizi has successfully employed more than 200 women since 2015.


Greyston Bakery & Ben and Jerry's



Greyston Bakery is a social enterprise that provides training and employment for people from any background, regardless of their background, record, or anything. With Ben and Jerry's, Greyson started to provide the brownies on their famous Half-Baked ice cream since the 1980s. By this partnership, Greyston had created even more employment and become the first B-Certified enterprise in New York.


VisionSpring & Warby Parker



  VisionSpring wants to provide access to affordable glasses for men and women, and also improve their livelihood. In 2011, VisionSpring decided to partner up with another socially conscious eyewear corporation, Warby Parker, and launched a program named Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. By purchasing a pair from Warby Parker, they give another pair to someone in need. Other than that, they pushed the community to hold a basic eye check and sold eyeglasses at a very affordable price, also giving eye care and glasses to selected participants.




PÅTÅR powers up around 13.000 small farmers and almost 50% are women. PÅTÅR obtained their coffee beans from sustainable-cultivating farmers and help them achieve financial stability and improve their livelihood in the community. In 2012, PÅTÅR and IKEA worked for hand in hand to bring this goodness to coffee drinkers in IKEA's cafes and support a healthier economic chains.

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