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UD Bank Sampah Bintang Sejahtera

Bintang Sejahtera is a plastic recycling company registered in Kota Mataram. In doing our works, we cooperate with communities, individuals, schools and private parties/companies as well as government institutions. We have close cooperation with Bank Sampah Kota Mataram under the supervision of Department of Sanitation of Kota Mataram (Dinas Kebersihan) to manage the waste of Kota Mataram. We also give support to Tourism Department (Dinas Pariwisata) of West Nusa Tenggara Province in their efforts to clean the environment which will give great contribution to green tourism in West Nusa Tenggara.

Mapping the Social Enterprise Landscape in Indonesia

PLUS proudly launched a report on social entrepreneurship (SE) titled: Developing an Inclusive and Creative Economy: The State of Social Enterprise in Indonesia. Along with the growing interest on SE, we hope this report provides a baseline to help guide decision making and support the development of SE in Indonesia.

The social enterprises surveyed in this research represent a strong, emerging sector and are demonstrating their potential to address social and environmental problems in Indonesia.

This snapshot of the ecosystem, based on responses from nearly 500 respondents, shows that the social entrepreneurship sector is vibrant, dynamic and growing.

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