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Kekuatan bangsa ini ada di tangan anak muda yang berpikiran maju dan menantang arus, supaya mereka bisa berkarya sekaligus berdampak baik buat orang lain. Caranya adalah dengan mengubah sikap mental yang buruk sekaligus berpikir di luar kebiasaan untuk bisa mengubah sistem dan status quo. adalah sebuah blog yang mendorong anak muda Indonesia untuk berkarya […]

Badr Interactive

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Badr Interactive is a web and mobile applications developer. Helped clients to build customized technology solutions, from e-commerce to e-learning, from corporate website to the sophisticated asset integrity management systems, from apps installed in your mobile to SaaS in the cloud.

Chapter W

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Chapter W is a non-profit social enterprise that focuses on Women, Technology and Social Impact. Its flagship program, Program Rumah Terang Nusantara (Mothers of Light Program), aims to end energy poverty and create growth in Indonesian villages by training rural women to become solar lamp entrepreneurs.


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TeleCTG is a medical technology start-up, stands as a solution for a low-cost CTG device that can quickly deliver the output data from remote locations to an OB/GYN at a hospital, who will then analyse the data and provide feedback.


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Eatever comes in the form of marketplace offering curated home cooked meals made by homechefs in Jakarta area. Launched in late 2016, Eatever aims to encourage home cooking businesses for mothers/housewives who want to earn extra incomes without leaving their homes. Customers can choose from the curated menu, cuztomise it to their own catering needs, […]

Atma Go

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AtmaGo is a neighborhood-level social network app in Indonesia in 2015. In thousands of posts and replies, AtmaGo users are sharing real-time information about fires, floods and crime—and offering advice and solutions about jobs, education and health.

iSeller Commerce

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iSeller is a comprehensive yet affordable commerce platform that empowers people to run and manage their business with confidence, grow and scale their business in magnitude of order. iSeller was founded and built by Intersoft Solutions, a leading visionary tech company that invented innovative web and mobile technologies used by NASDAQ, Medco, Boeing, Airbus, Accenture, […]

Sagara Asia

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We builds mission-driven technology that helps people to solve critical real-world problems. We create impact through digital, design, hardware. Sagara Asia is driven by the mission to help people and industries to improve their works, they believe in their core values those guide them to care to their customers and deliver the best technology solution.

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Menyelami is an online platform aimed to be the driving force of the Indonesia’s growing knowledge and science. We create a supportive platform for students and scientists. We find scientists their the right respondents on bring them together to support their surveys.


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Rezycology merupakan perusahaan yang berada dalam lini daur ulang plastik dan berfokus pada penyortiran dan pengepresan sampah plastik, terutama PET dan PP plastic bottle. Salah satu produk dari Rezycology adalah aplikasi web/mobile untuk pemulung dan pengepul untuk menjual sampahnya langsung ke perusahaan daur ulang plastik.

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