Sulawesi Utara

Masarang Foundation

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The aim of the Masarang Foundation is to save the environment through the active participation of local people. Through its projects, the foundation works on solutions for the most pressing problems the world currently faces: climate change, extinction of plants and animals, destruction of ecosystems, poverty and underdevelopment. Masarang manages projects that achieve maximum improvement […]

Eco Divers

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Eco Divers is a professional dive centre and dive resort operator, based in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, since 2001. We provide top quality diving and accommodation services to divers and their families.We are actively involved in a number of conservation projects aimed at helping local fishing communities to sustain their reefs


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Taponesia adalah platform agroforestri digital yang membantu petani yang menganggur, lahan kritis, dan investor untuk meningkatkan pendapatan yang berkelanjutan dan pada waktu yang sama turut menyelesaikan tantangan deforestasi dengan teknologi agrikultur yang terintegrasi. Sejak pertama dirilis pada bulan Desember 2015 dan pengembangan intensif pada 2016, Taponesia telah merilis website utama dan aplikasi android yang tersedia […]

Divers Lodge Lembeh

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Over the last 15 years we tried to develop a way of working that directly benefits the local people around us in the short and long term. Our activities include garbage cleaning, moorings for dive boats and local fishing boats, stopping illegal fishing, etc.

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