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Moloka utilizes goat milk to develop various healthy products, ranging from food such as feta cheese and yogurt, to skincare such soap. The small business started in 2011 from family farm in Parung, Bogor and has been through ups and downs since then. Goat milk is high in calcium and fatty acids (richer than cow milk) and low in cholesterol, however Moloka finds it challenging to promote the benefit of goat milk since most of Indonesia society is glued to cow milk. After struggling with the closing of its goat farm in 2016, Moloka rebuilt the business and started to partner with local farms, and committed itself to using only natural ingredients for the products. One of Moloka’s missions is to help smallholder goat farmers in Parung thrive. Through this program, Moloka intends to learn how to optimize its social impact and expand the network.

Mapping the Social Enterprise Landscape in Indonesia

PLUS proudly launched a report on social entrepreneurship (SE) titled: Developing an Inclusive and Creative Economy: The State of Social Enterprise in Indonesia. Along with the growing interest on SE, we hope this report provides a baseline to help guide decision making and support the development of SE in Indonesia.

The social enterprises surveyed in this research represent a strong, emerging sector and are demonstrating their potential to address social and environmental problems in Indonesia.

This snapshot of the ecosystem, based on responses from nearly 500 respondents, shows that the social entrepreneurship sector is vibrant, dynamic and growing.

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