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Capacity Building

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Kalfor Youth Innovation

PLUS developed and executed a competition program for youths with creative solutions for pressing environmental and social issues. The top 5 teams received support and network development from partners like GEF-UNDP and Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Indonesia.

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SE Meet Up

PLUS organized events for social enterprises to discuss topics that support their business development.

TiKTok Jalin Nusantara

TikTok, in partnership with PLUS, offer digital skills and business training to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in eight cities across Indonesia.

Multi Stakeholder Forum Bootcamp

In partnership with LTKL, PLUS organized a Multi-Stakeholder Partnership bootcamp in Sigi Regency to support the implementation of green economic development.

Pro Women

PLUS designed and implemented a program to support business capacity building and sustainability of 50 women entrepreneurs in Lombok. The program includes capacity-building workshops, field visits, and intensive mentoring to ensure the implementation of learning outside the classroom has a sustainable impact.

Inclusive Islands

PLUS partnered with Social Enterprise Academy UK to support 20 social entrepreneurs in 5 Indonesian cities. Participants received leadership training and business coaching to build a local social entrepreneur community and strengthen the social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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