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Do Register Now! Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019

January 25, 2019
at The World Forum

Hi Social Entrepreneurship Enthusiasts!

The United States and the Netherlands will co-host the ninth Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), June 4-5, 2019, in The Hague, Netherlands. GES is the preeminent annual gathering that convenes entrepreneurs, investors, and their supporters globally. During the two-day program, established entrepreneurs can seek funding from investors and scale their business globally.

Should you be at GES 2019?
· Do you have a transformative tech solution for Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health, or Water?
· Is your innovation more than just a concept, with a functioning, market-ready business model?
· Is your enterprise investor-ready and capable to be scaled up internationally?
· Do you want to join other trailblazers to build entrepreneur-led solutions for the future, now?

Apply to attend:
Go to and complete the online questions before January 30, 2019.
· We’ll let you know by March 4, 2019 if we think you are the right fit for this year’s GES focus.
· If selected, you must confirm before April 2, 2019.
· You don’t need to pay a registration or conference fee.

Entrepreneurs should meet the following criteria:
· Proficient in English;
· Must have an innovative solution in one of the GES 2019 focus sectors: 1) agriculture, 2) connectivity, 3) energy, 4) health, and 5) water;
· Be part of the leadership team of an established business or social enterprise with proven funding, client base, or revenue stream;
· Priority will be given to mature, investment-ready entrepreneurs who exhibit opportunities for growth and are ready to scale-up;
· Participants in past GES events are eligible to apply, but strong preference will be given to those who have not attended in the past.

PLUS is looking forward to Indonesian innovative entrepreneur to join GES 2019!

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