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Calling for Early Stage Startup to Submit Your Picth Deck

May 28, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

We connected over the phone with Ximin from ATM Capital, which is organising an accelerator programme for startups in SE Asia, particularly Indonesia and Vietnam. For this programme to be conducted in September 2018, they would like to target about 15-20 startups in total, and bring them to connect with large tech companies in China, as well as provide some training conducted by professors in Tsinghua University (China’s MIT).

At this stage, they are gathering feedback to build the programme, and have requested for Patamar’s help to send the invite out to companies that we think might be interested to attend this accelerator programme. They are looking for early stage companies connected to fintech/ecommerce/logistics/edtech and other online businesses, and these startups do not necessarily have to have ambitions to expand to China or to collaborate with a Chinese player. ATM Capital may invest in some of these startups at the end of the programme.

We're keen to provide more services to entrepreneurs and establish a rapport. If you are seeking support for your startup, you can write to us with your Pitch Deck at:
You can also find the email address to submit your Pitch Deck at the end of the survey form

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