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Aspen Network of Development Entrepeneurs – Social Enterprise in South Asia

November 30, 2016

Much has been written about the growth of social enterprise in Asia and Africa, but this has largely been based on anecdotal data with little quantitative evidence from which to draw upon. To fill this knowledge gap, the British Council, an ANDE member, commissioned research on the "State of Social Enterprise in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Ghana". 

The findings include information about the number and growth of social enterprises, their operations and turnover, the impact they deliver, the beneficiaries they serve, and the challenges they face. 

Through this webinar, the British Council and partners will share with the audience key takeaways from the research, specific to South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh).

The speakers include study leads from the British Council and Social Enterprise UK, and local research partners from Betterstories (Bangladesh), Ennovent (India), and Social Innovation Lab (Pakistan).

The discussion seeks to raise awareness of the role that social enterprises are playing in these countries and help policy makers, social investors, development agencies, and other key actors provide more targeted and enhanced support to the social enterprise sector.

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