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PLUS Community

PLUS Community is a media for bringing together all social entrepreneurs that have participated in PLUS programs.

What is PLUS Community?

PLUS Community is a media for bringing together all social entrepreneurs actors in Indonesia. PLUS, with strong determination, is committed to actively expanding its impact by encompassing all social enterprises throughout Indonesia.

Who can be part of PLUS Community?

Social entrepreneurs who already have products and have started measuring the impact of their social enterprises.

How to be the part of PLUS Community?

  • Access Hello PLUS.

  • Participate in event/activites that conducted by PLUS.

  • Join PLUS Community Whatsapp group.
    ( To join the WhatsApp community, you can contact the PLUS team via )

Benefits As PLUS Community

1. Whatsapp Group

You can join the PLUS Community WhatsApp group, where social entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia can connect with each other and always updated about PLUS programs, such as Community Event.

2. Check-In Session

Periodic in-depth brainstorming sessions to aid in the development of your social enterprises within the PLUS community.

3. SE Map

Your social enterprise will appear on the Social Enterprise Map on our website so that you have a greater opportunity to be recognized by various parties which will of course open up collaboration opportunities for your social enterprise.

Community Event

This event (offline and online) carried out bi-monthly specifically for social entrepreneurs to broaden their knowledge regarding social enterprise development. These activities take various forms, such as sharing sessions, discussions, workshops with topics of interest to social entrepreneurs. This activity has a special mission to become a safe space for social entrepreneurs to gather and share knowledge, also experiences.

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