Nusa Berdaya

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Nusa Berdaya is a social enterprise focusing on the processing of agricultural materials into body care products. Currently, Nusa Berdaya manufactured natural tropical soap using natural ingredients which are available in Nusa Penida Island – Bali. Nusa Berdaya obtain the raw materials (aloe vera, seaweed, turmeric, coconut) directly from farmers around the island, and together […]

Eco Bali

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ecoBali was established in 2006 in response to the urgency of waste management problems in the island of Bali. We are operating our own sorting and material recovery facility (MRF) ensuring that your waste is properly managed and will not become a burden to Bali’s beautiful environment. Our focus is to maximize recycling, reduce quantity […]

Sensatia Botanicals

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A village based, profit-sharing company producing Bali’s finest natural skincare since 2000

Mitra Bali

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Since 1993, Mitra Bali has been actively participating in Bali’s economic and social development by working to empower a large group of handicraft producers.

Sababay Winery

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The name ‘Sababay’ read as [sa-ba-bey] winery originates from our winery’s location along the beautiful ‘SABA’bay (Teluk Saba) in Gianyar, Bali. Sababay is recognized as 100% Indonesian wine in collaboration with the Asteroid R&D Vineyard and local Balinese grape farmers. The integrated farming concept result a sustainable good harvest – that has opened up parts […]

Babibu – Bali Bibit Bagus

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A radical new way to bring much needed power to those in need.

Cinta Bumi Artisans

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Cinta Bumi Artisans was born with a big bundle of passion and purpose: to sustain culture and deep-rooted art by collaborating with local communities, encouraging ecological consciousness and sharing our love of art to others through craftsmanship and innovation in functional and artistic wearable handcrafted products that are produced responsibly in small batches.

East Bali Cashews

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East Bali Cashews is located in the heart of Bali’s cashew region. We process top quality cashew nuts in the same small village where they are grown and sell them in Indonesia and abroad. Our business model is grounded in social and environmental sustainability and works to improve the lives of our cashew growing communities.

Bali Alus

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Bali Alus intented for processing and dispensing a variety of nutritious herb plants into a product ready for a series of natural care products. Such as hair care, facial care, body care, foot care and aromatherapy by using virgin coconut oil (VCO) as base ingredients.

Annika Linden Centre

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The Annika Linden Centre is an incubator for impact and centre of excellence for social impact in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. Annika Linden Centre is a social enterprise imagined and invested by Inspirasia Foundation.

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