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Amygdala Bamboo

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Amygdala Bamboo is one of the leading brands for well-designed bamboo products with wide range of products from home décor, furniture, to fashion accessories.

Piksel Indonesia

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Melestarikan batik dengan memadukannya sesuai perkembangan teknologi, Piksel Indonesia telah menghasilkan dua produk. Batik Fractal adalah produk fashion yang memanfaatkan software khusus untuk mengolah rumus matematis menjadi pola batik yang unik serta JBatik, software untuk membuat pola tersebut.


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Growbox is edible growing oyster mushroom kit that can be cultivated by anyone, anywhere, and anytime.


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Mycotech is a social enterpise that produces building materials from mushrooms and agricultural waste providing environmentally sustainable solutions for instratucture development

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