EASTmayya, a unique fashion brand with sociopreneurship concept platform. EASTmayya integrates fashion business and social activities. So, they call this a project of love in form of social business. EASTmayya produces ready-to-wear under continuation to promote modesty and simplicity in dressing for women. This 2017, our brand would still focus on basic colours for the upcoming collection. Besides ready to wear, EASTmayya also provides design and tailoring service. Just hand us your fabrics and we will provide customized design and tailoring service. Not only selling and generating profit, but also managing apportioned of sales for running charity programs. Yes, we balance the aspect of business by conducting charity events through Bakti Panti and Tuna Daksa Berdaya. They also try to become eco-friendly by applying go-green spirit all throughout our supply chain. They reuse plastics and paper for wrapping. Also, they sort scrap fabrics from DONASI PERCA and reuse them for pouches and applications for our flatshoes collection.

Creative Economy

Province / City:
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan


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