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Social Impakt promotes affordable water filters to improve access to clean water in the remote areas of Indonesia. The water filters are 30 times cheaper than using branded water gallons, 5 times cheaper than boiling water. They reduce diseases, CO2 emissions, deforestation and the use of plastic bottles. So using the water filter has economic, […]

Five Pillar Foundation

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Five Pillar Foundation is a community development organization and social enterprise with the aims to develop the full potential of villages and communities using an integrated approach that considers the five pillars of economic, social, environment, educational, and cultural development; and to develop and curate sustainable eco- and community-based travel experiences that create economic opportunity […]


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Indosole recycles old tyres to be the soles of their footwear

Fair Warung Bale

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A unique model worldwide based on the principle of self sufficiency, this social restaurant The Fair Warung Balé prides itself in giving back 100% of its profits to the foundation and its Free Health and Medical Care programs. Even further than a project funding power-engine, The Fair Warung Balé provides a social structure to help […]

Threads of Life

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Threads of Life is a fair trade business that uses culture and conservation to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia. The heirloom-quality textiles and baskets we commission are made with local materials and natural dyes. With the proceeds from the Threads of Life gallery, we help weavers to form independent cooperatives and to manage their resources […]

PT Green World Bali

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We at PT GreenWorld Bali have many years of experience designing & managing for greater SUSTAINABILITY Design, construction & management for genuine eco-tourism – Sustainable sewage/wastewater systems Sustainable/organic food production – Well-integrated, consultative social & environmental projects PERMACULTURE Courses & Training


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Kopernik is a social enterprise that connects simple technology with last mile communities to reduce poverty. We balance a philanthropic and business approach to distributing technology. Our donors fund the upfront costs of introducing technologies and creating micro-business opportunities in remote communities. The money raised from product sales is reinvested in more technology for the […]

Loka Cita Eco Lodge

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Loka Cita Eco Lodges is local basis lodge development, designed with traditional and unique services by empowering local people to uplifting and appealing to the community to become active participants in developing a better life for themselves. It is the goal of Lokacita to improve the livelihood, education and quality of life of the rural […]

PT. Bali Seafood International / North Atlantic Seafood

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Bali Seafood International is a subsidiary of North Atlantic, Inc. (NAI). Headquartered in Indonesia, Bali Seafood International is a producer of warm water products and manages NAI’s emerging world sustainability efforts.

Bali Asli

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Bali Asli was established in the mountains of Pupuan, Bali in 1986. The company is based on principles of caring for the environment, improving local economies & creating high quality products for healthy living on a healthy planet. All of our products are made with fair trade principles & only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

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