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Samantha Gunawan

Blueboots Farm was privileged to work with PLUS on a one month consultation project with an objective to help us grow as a company. They helped us define better our company’s social and business models and mapped out our current resources and capacity. They are able give insightful and reasonable solutions by analysing the data …

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Lintang Gustika

PLUS membantu banget terutama sebagai partner diskusi dan memberikan masukan-masukan yang sifatnya aplikatif, seperti menentukan profil audiens yang spesifik, peluang kolaborasi, dsb. Asik banget ngobrol sama temen-temen dari PLUS, karna ngerasa ‘se-frekuensi’ terutama soal misi mendorong anak-anak muda untuk berkarya. Dalam konteks ini, karya yang bisa menyelesaikan masalah sosial yang berkelanjutan.

Lili Nur Indah Sari

Just like its name, PLUS benar-benar bisa jadi platform andalan bagi pelaku social business. Entah yg masih sekadar ide, atau pun yg ready utk scale up. Bahkan skrg, kalau butuh apa2 terkait social business, pasti saya refer ke PLUS dulu. Untuk saya sendiri, PLUS benar2 ‘assist me’ virtually dlm mengembangkan ide bisnis sosial saya, sampe …

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Pandu Truhandito

PLUS has been an fantastic partner in our journey as they consistently express care for me and my venture. It is remarkable to me that they keep giving different kinds of help and keeping in touch for our latest progress even though we’re small. They genuinely give their best attempt to understand where we come …

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William Hendradjaja

Impact Hub Jakarta had a great time collaborating with PLUS this year. We hosted a routine monthly Impact Nights gathering for Jakarta Social Entrepreneurs Community. The team is very well organized, passionate and committed. We look forward to more collaboration in 2018!

Vito Filbert Jayalie

It was an honor for Kankere to join PLUS level-up project. After having an hour of online meeting, we have a new insight on how we should drive our start-up. Wish to have a collaboration and meeting again in the next future. Thank you PLUS!

Andisa Rizky Febrianti

CEK-BENG ibarat mahasiswa baru yang butuh banyak tuntunan dan masukan. Sempat pesimis di bulan pertama dan vakum beberapa bulan dan akhirnya mendapat kesempatan diskusi bersama PLUS. Mendapat banyak sudut pandang tentang Sociopreneur, step by step nya untuk lebih konsisten dan memanfaatkan segala peluang walau sekecil lubang jarum untuk meraih kesuksesaan besar yang akan datang.

Diogi Befa

Previously, Kelas Entrepreneur was a movement only. After first meeting by Leveling Up project with PLUS, Kelas Entrepreneur found the way to become social business. We will never stop to give Entrepreneurship goodness for everyone and PLUS will always be the best partner for that. So much thanks PLUS.

Ellen Nio

Ecosystem for social enterprise is still very early and yet very fragmented. PLUS is a good platform to spread the information and connect organizations and individuals. I believe if you know two people who are working for the greater good, you should connect them so they can grow and scale; and this is what PLUS …

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Fajar Anugerah

I see PLUS strongest potential contribution is in the area of building the knowledge platform for Indonesian SEs who have no direct access to offline capacity building, basic know how of setting up SEs and the network of resource people to support them.

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