Winda Khairani Ningtyas

As a former International Relations student, focusing her academic interest on International Development, Winda is in the quest for mainstreaming her knowledge. Her quest led her thoughts to discover that social entrepreneurship might be a strategic tool for fostering the development of marginalized community. In regard to this, her first encounter with social entrepreneurship ecosystem began when she joined PLUS team as a research intern, during her 4th year of college. Her entrepreneurship journey might be anew, yet her previous leadership experience on several student organizations and as a research intern on international NGO, local think tank, and Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, hopefully might convey additional perspectives to SE ecosystem. At PLUS, Winda serves as Project Associate, responsible for assisting and coordinating projects in PLUS, developing programs and activities for community outreach and engagement, implementing and executing a range of internal projects, and managing PLUS’ presence at various events.

Fun Fact:
1. She is a gym freak (or, in other words, “gym marketing freak”, so that she could get 1-month free membership).
2. Her stomach can bear 3 packs of Indomie in a row.
3. She is a passionate Twitter’s thread and meme hunter.
Only two out of three are the truth. Choose wisely

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