Rizani Andrawina

Riris is a project intern at PLUS, she is mainly responsible for maintaining the PLUS’ social media account and coordinating events for some of PLUS’ program. She was an economics student majoring in development economics. Volunteering and leading social projects has been her favorite activities since college, she was nominated 2 times for most outstanding students award in social community service. She is passionate about community development and concerned about social problems in Indonesia. She thinks that social enterprise might be a good idea to overcome the social problem.

Fun fact :

  • She is a backpacker junkie and currently obsessed to fulfill her 33 list provinces of Indonesia (now has discovered 21 provinces :P)
  • She is a public transportation enthusiast that she always try to use it anytime and anywhere and avoiding to use private vehicle
  • She always cry everytime she listens to the national anthem. Weirdest fact ever!

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