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Kana is an Indonesia based clothing company founded by Sancaya Rini. After several years working for contemporary traditional natural dyed fabric, Sancaya decided that she wanted to design a line of sustainable casual clothing that her friends could wear and enjoy. Out of this plan grew Kana which consistently produces whimsical, beautiful, and easy to […]


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The first deaf café and workshop in Indonesia, aspiring to empower deaf community by providing job opportunities. Our mission is to spread awareness and build an environment that promotes togetherness between deaf and hearing people in Indonesia. After all, regardless of race and abilities, we agree that food brings people together.

Ladang Lima

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Ladang Lima is a warmhearted product from PT. Agung Bumi Agro, which a fast growing company that produces fresh cassava flour. Always take a step to look first at the community, by managing an 100 Ha cassava plantation area in Pasuruan, East Java, we are supporting Indonesia’s local farmers sustainability. As the lifetime dedication to […]

Komodo Water

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Komodo Water merupakan wirausaha sosial yang menyediakan sistem air bersih dengan kualitas yang lebih baik dan mudah di akses di Taman Nasional Komodo, Manggarai Barat


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Amare is a social enterprise that aims to improve the quality of less-fortunate children in Indonesia.

Nusa Berdaya

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Nusa Berdaya is a social enterprise focusing on the processing of agricultural materials into body care products. Currently, Nusa Berdaya manufactured natural tropical soap using natural ingredients which are available in Nusa Penida Island – Bali. Nusa Berdaya obtain the raw materials (aloe vera, seaweed, turmeric, coconut) directly from farmers around the island, and together […]

Sensatia Botanicals

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A village based, profit-sharing company producing Bali’s finest natural skincare since 2000

Wangsa Jelita

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Wangsa Jelita is a social business that offers beauty and body treatment products with natural concept and sustainable business practices

East Java Co

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Good Honest Food – Simple products made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients sourced directly from farmers that use sustainable farming techniques.


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Javara do direct sourcing to the farmers, conduct training for organic farming, help farmers manufacture higher value added prouct and sell directly to the market.

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