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Sawit Challenge

July 20, 2016
at Indonesia

Calling all problem-solvers and entrepreneurs:

How would you help independent oil palm farmers in Indonesia work more efficiently and sustainably?

Indonesia is now at a crossroads. In April, President Joko Widodo declared a temporary ban on new palm oil production. The announcement, which is anticipated to be formalized in a presidential decree or moratorium, is part of the govern-ment’s efforts to protect the nation’s tropical forests and peatlands and increase production on existing palm oil lands.

The Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) and the Oil Palm Smallholders Union (SPKS), with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), are launching a new competition.

The Competition

We’re looking for products, technologies or services that help Indonesia’s independent smallholder palm oil farmers increase productivity while meeting sustainable palm oil standards. Solutions should specifically address one of the following needs:

  • Access to quality inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, labor technology and extension services for improved and sustainable production
  • Access to up-to-date market and pricing information services
  • Access to finance for farmers who do not have formal banking services
  • Geographic mapping and demographic data that clarifies informal land ownership for farmers, and could lead to legal title and sustainability certifications
  • Ability to trace crops to specific plantations and assure buyers that smallholder crops were produced legally and without deforestation activities A fast and cost-effective way to transport farmers’ palm fruit to mills in less than 24 hours

Up to 10 innovators or teams (up to two innovators per team) will be flown to the Innovation Marketplace in Indonesia, where they will pitch their solutions to top business, innovation and NGO changemakers, as well as press. Learn more and apply to the  SAWIT Challenge now!

Serving as a resource for applicants with great ideas

SAWIT Challenge applicants will have the opportunity to position themselves in front of influential business and government leaders and advance their ideas. Your company can also drive sustainable palm oil solutions by sharing its expertise with innovators. We’re looking for influential business, government and civil society leaders to provide the top 10 applicants with support, networking, and mentoring.

Learn more at sawitchallenge.org or sawitchallenge@gmail.com. Deadline for entry is July 20, 2016

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