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Impact Night November: Traffic Talk

November 16, 2016
at Coworkinc

For those who hate getting stuck in traffic, lets brainstorm a solution for jakarta's biggest enemy!
At our Impact Nights, we like to tackle some of Jakarta's / Indonesia's most pressing issues and highlight creative solutions and the people behind them. What are some of Jakarta's biggest challenges? Why have so many people left?
Most likely, traffic and pollution will come up when asked about quality of life in Jakarta. The amount of damage caused by traffic is incredible - mental, emotional, environmental, economic - it reaches all levels. The MRT construction is making it worse (for the meantime).
What if the 10+ major rivers in Jakarta became beautiful public spaces and could ease the traffic problem by integrating a green, sustainable, air-quality friendly route across town? Imagine bike paths, pedestrian paths, beautiful parks to walk and ride through, and electric / quiet river boats transporting people effectively around town amidst lush and tropical surroundings.
Come find out what experts in urban planning, river health, and keeping the city clean have to say! Participate in human centered design thinking workshops to map out creative solutions!

Brought to you by: @collective.id @coworkinc @beehivejakarta @bersihnyok

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