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Impact Investing : Is It Charity 2.0?

September 22, 2016
at EV Hive The Maja

The event invites Natalia Rialucky, the Head of Impact Investing at Angin, sharing about Impact Investing at EV Hive The Maja.

Impact investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.


  • Understanding about Impact investing; definition, investment philosophy, impact investing landscape in Indonesia 
  • Address FAQ on Impact investing; what does impact investor look when assessing a company vs. commercial investment
  • ANGIN impact investing; what we do, how we define value, case studies


Natalia Rialucky, Head of Impact Investing at Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN)

Seasoned consultant graduated from Boston Consulting Group, with international independent consulting experience in startups and social enterprise in the US, Dubai and Singapore, Ria always has the passion in growing impact investment space at home. She is leading ANGIN Impact Investing arm (, testing Indonesia's largest angel investor network's appetite in making profit and social impact works.


ANGIN Impact investing believes in the power of disruptive business models across different sectors to bring social inclusion. Building on our angel investor network strength, ANGIN Impact investing is committed to empower businesses who can balance profitability and delivering social impact.

ANGIN Impact Investing invests in early stage socialmission-driven businesses that aim to provide economic inclusion to the marginalized society. They are committed to deliver solution to social and environmental issues that are not solved neither by the government nor the private sector. They believe in pursuing profit for good and the potential of scale. They are built by entrepreneurs who invest in tracking social impact as measurement of success and have potential to inspire their surroundings and deliver change to their society.



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